Mother Nature Can Be Brutal: Protect Yourself With Reliable Backup

A dramatic wind storm took out the power in most parts of the city. The blackout lasted for several hours. When the staff at an inner city clinic reported for duty the next morning, the power had been restored, but their server would not reboot.

Neither their in-house technical specialist nor the external IT consultant could salvage the computer or the resident data. They immediately purchased a new server and started the install and configuration. “Where’s your data back-up?” they wanted to know. “On the server” was the answer.


A very basic lesson learned the hard way: It doesn’t matter how small your practice is. Your data must be reliably backed up and securely stored off-site. Not only is it good business practice, in most states and provinces, it’s the law.

Talk to your practice management software supplier today. If you’re an ABELDent user, look into our Remote Backup and Disaster Recovery services ASAP. Being prepared is the best defence.

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