Anniversary Announcement

August 2015 – Another year stronger. Another year wiser. Another year of delighting clients. Happy 38th anniversary to us!

ABEL customers build practice efficiency, viability and patient engagement on the foundation of our advanced practice management and clinical solutions for dental and medical practices in North America.

“During our 38 years in business, the delivery of healthcare has undergone amazing changes. To support our thousands of clients in caring for their patients and to retain our industry leadership status, we have tackled and achieved numerous milestones. Today, the technology and service needs of healthcare professionals continue to evolve and we are committed to exceeding their expectations every step of the way.” Arun Rele, President and CEO.

ABEL’s services go far beyond the provision of exceptional software solutions. Our expert team guides each client through conversion, implementation and training to maximize practice effectiveness and productivity. Personalized attention, reliable 24/7 technical support and ever-evolving product improvement promotes ongoing peace of mind.

“We are especially proud of the way our knowledgable, experienced Associates add value to our customers’ businesses. As a team, we provide a high-quality, effortless experience that positions ABEL users for long-term success.” Angela Spinks, Vice President of Business Partnerships and Sales.

ABEL: 38 years of Dedication to Customer Happiness

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