Believe it: Dental Patients Welcome Text Messages

We’ve had great feedback from our many customers who now champion the ABELDent portal as a way to communicate with their patients. Everything from upping their “cool” status to definitive positive impact on their bottom line.

Yet some are still not 100% sold on whether their own patients would embrace the change and adopt the technology. So this is for you: I came across a recent announcement from Walmart that they recently crossed the threshold of having sent 1 billion prescription SMS reminders to their customers.

You don’t get much more mainstream than Walmart!

Walmart Pharmacy customers opt-in to receive a text to let them know or remind them when their prescription is ready. The text includes the total price along with the pharmacy phone number. I would imagine that the heads-up is particularly useful when a patient’s prescription is sent electronically directly from their care provider.

Nearly 30 million SMS reminders are sent by Walmart every month to customers’ mobile phones.

Walmart reports such benefits as decreased wait times in pharmacy lines, improved communication, a reduction in returned prescriptions, and fewer calls to the pharmacy… all drivers of increased customer satisfaction. And they have to be happy that this program has generated a positive ROI based on stock results.

Customers have spoken… and they’ve done it via texting!

See how this can work for your dental practice and patients.

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