Are You Delivering Vital Information to your Patients… or Playing Whac-a-Mole?

I’ve been struggling with a marketing communication question: At what point does keeping customers informed become intrusive – even annoying? How much is enough? When can we be 100% confident that ABELDent users are reaping the maximum benefit from our dental practice management software?

We discuss this regularly with our marketing colleagues and really strive for an ideal balance… but some days I’m left shaking my head.

Like last week, in a conversation with one of our customers, a Dental Office Manager joked: “It’s Murphy’s Law: When I most need a file is when I can’t find it.”

“What… is your system down?” I was ready to conference in tech support when she told me she wished they could go paperless but didn’t know if ABELDent allowed them to do that.

I almost fell off my chair! We have been promoting our paperless solution for several years now.

And again yesterday, a customer was intrigued by a series of practice performance graphs that one of our competitors had sent him. “You mean something like this?” I asked as I showed him our ABELDent Analytics feature. He was delighted – and it felt great to help. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that our graphic reporting tool has been available for over 15 years!

I imagine that this applies to all kinds of vertical markets, both B2B and B2C. As a consumer, I know I don’t use my products – even my favourite brands – to their full potential. There are hundreds of fun, time-saving and convenient apps that I could probably make good use of on my mobile. And at least one button on my fancy oven that I’ve never pushed.

So I do get it. Comfort and routine trump change. But when product knowledge can make such a big difference in my customers’ daily lives, it matters to me.

How many times should a company try to communicate with prospects and customers before they feel the urge to unsubscribe?

Seriously… how many times? I want your opinion!

If after reading this blog you are worried that you may be missing out on valuable ABELDent functions that could be saving you time and money, click here for vital information.

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