5 Ways Patient Communication is Enhanced in ABELDent CS and LS+

This blog post is an overview of the highlighted features that ABELDent users find most helpful when using our software. Watch our video to see these functionalities inaction and learn just how much simpler your office’s communication with patients can be. 

1. Simplified New Patient Intake 

New patients no longer need to fill out papers or use office equipment (such as tablets) to fill out intake forms. Once you set up a file for a new patient, your office can send an intake form to new patients electronically, where they can simply fill it out on their own devices. Want to see how this works? Go to 1:25 in the video above for details! 

2. Appointment Reminders 

With ABELDent CS and LS+, you can automatically or manually send emails, texts, or both to patients who have given consent to receiving alerts this way. Automatic messages are useful for sending bulk reminders, for example, giving one-week confirmations to various appointments. With manual messages, you have more specified control over who receives what at a given time. 

Instead of asking patients to call you back, which may yield poor results, or even result in no-shows for your practice, you can prompt patients to click the confirmation button in the email or indicate a confirmation via SMS. Not only does this method of communication help your front desk staff save time by minimizing outgoing phone calls, but your patients are also more likely to respond faster than traditional phone calls. To see this feature in action, go to 2:43 in the video above. 

3. Two-Way Texting 

As mentioned above, individuals have been proven to respond much faster to text messages than to emails or phone calls. You can quickly resolve appointment concerns (such as rescheduling or emergency cancellations) via text message in a matter of minutes, as opposed to waiting for a patient to call back, and possibly leave a voicemail. You can also quickly text a patient if you need to get an answer to an important question fast. To see how our two-way texting feature works in ABELDent CS and LS+, go to 3:36 in our video. 

4. Touchless Health History & COVID-19 Forms 

Not only are touchless forms physically safer than traditional paper forms, but they are also safer via online encryption that ABELDent provides to keep PHI (personal health information) secure. Patients receive an email with a button that leads them to a secure webpage where they fill out their information. Once the patient submits their form, the data is encrypted and is sent directly into the patient chart. No one can click the link provided in the email once the form is submitted. 

Touchless forms are physically safer, protecting both your staff as well as your patients from unnecessary touching and transferring of germs. Your office does not need to use equipment such as tablets, which dozens of people may touch in a day. 

In addition to the physical safety and data security that ABELDent online forms entail, our touchless forms are also more convenient for both your team and your patients. Your patients can fill out their COVID-19 or Health History forms on their own time prior to their appointments, or even right before their appointments from their own devices. Your team does not have to transcribe any of the information into their patient charts, eliminating typing errors on your end. To learn more about touchless forms, go to 4:42 in our video to watch how they work! 

5. Regular Updates 

We are always looking for ways to improve upon our products, and we are actively listening to the reviews and feedback from our customers when adding new features. More helpful and time-saving patient communication features will keep coming your way when you choose ABELDent CS or LS+ as your dental software. Navigate to 6:28 if you want to see the point-form summary of ABELDent patient communication. 

If you are interested in upgrading to ABELDent CS or LS+ or are looking into switching practice management software, we are always around to help you. Contact us today with any questions you have! 

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