Get Ahead of Outstanding Treatment

Have some of your patients fallen behind on treatment in the past two years? COVID-19’s impact stretches beyond a health crisis, causing job losses and lay-offs worldwide, especially in 2020. Perhaps some of your patients are just now getting back on their feet but have not had a chance to think about getting their routine cleaning at your office. Possibly, some of your patients have been apprehensive about coming in due to health risks, such as immunocompromised patients, elderly patients, or individuals with heightened anxiety. Maybe some of your patients have outstanding treatment such as restorations, pending implants, crowns, etc. Despite the possible reasons that patients have fallen behind on treatment, one major question stands: does your office have an efficient method for contacting patients who have outstanding treatment?­­ 

Dentist with Patient

ABELDent Patient Communication (APC) is a bundle of features that enhances your office’s patient communication abilities. For example,  APC is hugely time-saving and drastically reduces your administrative team’s time spent on telephone tag by helping your team focus on patients who are willing to come in quickly. 

With APC, your administrative team has more time available, as they no longer need to review expansive lists of patients who have fallen behind on treatment. APC is a streamlined solution for practices that want simplified yet effective communication tools. One of the most impactful features of APC is automated recall booking, which automates messages to patients and provides them a simple functionality for sending a response back to your office. Automated recall booking improves the efficiency of patient follow-up, ensuring patients that are overdue for treatment are quickly attended to. 

In addition to automated recall booking, APC allows for two-way texting, which has been shown as a communication method that patients tend to prefer. APC helps you keep your schedule full by keeping a shortlist of patients who have requested specific times, along with a general short-notice list for contacts who want to come in as soon as possible. This helps your practice fill last-minute openings to prevent unwanted downtime.  

Two phone screens with APC on them. What your patients see

APC also brings enhanced security to your patient interactions, ensuring all communication data is encrypted and safely stored. In 2022, top-of-the-line cybersecurity is not only an asset for your practice, but it is a necessity. Cyberattacks were increasing in frequency prior to the pandemic, and with the added vulnerability of COVID-19, practices cannot afford to take any risks with their data.  

APC provides tools to help your practice bounce back from the negative impacts that COVID-19 has had on the dental industry. Spend more time providing top-quality treatment with patient communication software that makes daily activities easier than ever. Are you interested in using APC in your practice? Let us know and we can set you up with what you need.